Nea Peramos

A few words about Nea Peramos

Nowdays Nea Peramos is a tourist resort town with exceptionally clean beaches, awarded with Blue Flags, many taverns, coffee shops and bars. At the west side of Nea Peramos the ruins of the Byzantine Castle rise. Nea Peramos is a popular destination for the Balkanian countries.

The visitor can find everything needed for his stay, whether it’s summer or winter. Nea Peramos is mostly known for its sandy dune beaches, callled Ammolofi, where many organized beaches can be found.

You can also find and enjoy local products made from family producers such as:

    • Grapes
    • Wine
    • Tsipouro
    • Olives
    • Olive Oil

The most prominent occupations of the region, apart from tourism, is agriculture.

Nearby Destinations in Nea Peramo

  • Kavala (22km)
  • Philippi (32km)
  • Airport (52km)
  • Paggaio Forest Village (20km)
  • Eikosifoinissa Monastery (35km)
  • Kavala Fortress (19km)
  • Arches (19km)
  • Imaret (19km)
  • Mud baths (31km)
  • Lydia Baptistery (31km)
  • Apollonia Tower (19km)